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Employee Selection & Remuneration Process

Employee Selection And Remuneration Process

We believe people are our assets and they play the most critical role in our service delivery and customer satisfaction. We have more than 3,000 employees and all the employees of Al Wafa Group are recruited jointly by our HR and Operations Department with close coordination of the recruiting agencies based in respective countries. The candidates are assessed against job descriptions, core competencies, values and general suitability. To ensure that all selected candidates meet required expectations and contribute to successful delivery of projects, all the candidates are interviewed by our HR and Operations professionals. Our sourcing objectives are:

Be an employer of choice : We care for our employees as they are our biggest assets. We pay salaries and benefits on time, provide interest-free loan, if needed. We ensure that our employees are happy and support their families back home. It helps us to retain employees for long time.
Be an ethical employer : Our HR policy is very transparent without any bias to age, gender or race and employees’ promotions are based on competencies, performance and contribution.
Be a talent developer : We encourage high performer and promote staff within projects or segments across the year to ensure employees growth.

The entire recruitment process is carried out in a transparent and fair manner to ensure that the candidates are selected based on qualifications, experience, skills and potential for further development in accordance with company’s and client’s requirements.

Recruitment Process Flow-Chart

Al Wafa is committed to provide opportunities to the employees for their development and career progression. Therefore, our human capital value proposition is provided and maintained throughout our service deliveries. Some of the practices are mentioned below: expectations and contribute to successful delivery of projects, all the candidates are interviewed by our HR and Operations professionals. Our sourcing objectives are:

Recruit and retain right resources for the right job, at the right time and at the right cost..
Achieve demographic diversity by extending recruitment activities to Africa.
Achieve cost efficiency in hiring costs and reduce hiring timelines across all business verticals and geographic locations without compromising our quality standards.
All the selected candidates go through a thorough background check with regard to previous medical history, criminal records (if any) and behavioral conduct.
We ensure to maintain a productive and healthy work culture and are especially committed to encouraging a healthy work/life balance through regular wellness campaigns and CSR initiatives introduced by Al Wafa in addition to collaborations with our customers.
We are dedicated to provide our employees with competitive salary packages and refer to reputable industry surveys for benchmarking purposes.
We are committed to develop employees’ skills and capabilities through professional and customized training, both internally and externally to enhance career development.

We have been pretty successful in retaining our highly skilled and experienced workforce. We value our employees by taking every effort to provide them with quality living and a joyful working atmosphere during their tenure with us. Our employees remain motivated with:

Timely salary
Company provided accommodation and transportation
Medical insurance and air ticket
Interest-free loan provided by Al Wafa
Yearly appraisal on performance and appreciation program
Timely carrier growth and development through continuous training
We follow ‘no work but pay’ policy (basic pay with all amenities)
Recreation facilities for the employees
Various other welfare and rewarding activities at camps and at sites.


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